Hi all! I am Sarah - I am the creator and sewist behind SarahJean Sews and am so excited to share these processes (and outcomes!) with you all.


My favorite thing to do is to take thrifted items and turn them into new sassier creations. I have been thrifting for as long as I can remember and sewing for about 10 years. I combined the two about 5 years ago, and now find myself wanting to chop up and upcycle everything I find. 


I began with aprons because it was a simple thing to learn how to sew. I quickly realized that I could sass them up and make them my own with a few tweaks. I made sassier versions, shorter skirts, really sexy aprons, unisex, and then other upcyling took off from there.        


I've got my items in a few small women/queer-owned stores, and do a few pop-up shows per year (they are exhausting but delightful!). 


Creating is a side thing for me; I work full-time as a community network consultant, earning my MSW & MPH from Michigan State University in 2014 (Go Green!). I also love to dance in my free time (salsa and hustle are my favs!), as well as spend time with niblings. I live downtown Lansing, Michigan - and love so much about this town.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for visiting!